o yeh such a glorious morning 'tis today
though i didn't sleep till four in the morning because i was being screwed over by three computers just to put the shots we took online. my apologies again, beautifuls: the super duper blurriness of the pictures. last night was great, i got to see my booming granny in flesh and he took a picture for null. oh of coz i had to be mondo freaky and make null retell the story over and over again (like broken record sial) about how he talked to booming granny and all. we were at the pratashop and my state of delirium caught the attention of a group of busok boys. oh well, did i give a damn? hell, no! i'm too high to care.
next time must learn how to take clear pictures. think null purposely use low resolution lar coz then can store mo pics in his cam. if he'd used the high res mode, yes the pics will be clear but it'll all take up space.

thanks to: Da, Naz and BKM fo the other pair of pants. here's to my gorgeously bachin look!

give harm the 'fro, that smile and the red shirt and she'll be a happy bunny