procastination is what i'm best at
i promised nick on friday that i'll do a rough draft of the 1st section to the water book after he agreed to let me off at four. now it's sunday and i haven't even read through the research material, let alone write out a 1st paragraph.

orites! now let us get down to the bits that i'm interested in. naz, as you can remember clearly, yesterday when we were all camped out at far east, i was convulsing over a guy who looks like fabrizio moretti down to a T. so guess what? sweetz knows him! sweetz says he wasn't trying to be like fabrizio, he was trying to look like omar from Mars Volta (arab guy, afro hair, black nerd specs, guitarist of a american rock band). sweetz met up with him last night at far east (can you imagine how long he's been sitting down there with that funky chinky?) sweetz says he's from NAFA, has never been with anybody and he plays in an emocore band. damn, boy, why you gotta be that fine? i got incredibly excited when sweetz was telling me all these over the phone but it was only temporary lar. sweetz offered to hook us up but i decline. i've got obligations and besides fabrizio moretti lookalikey is called "wan". you can't get any mo common than that, man.

and speaking of obligations, everything is well between me and muhd. and kenny, for that matter. last night we had supper together, the three of us, goof around and some. kenny's been christened "jambu" by me because since he was a regular at the place we were eating at, everybody called him hensem and well i've always thought kenny looked mo female than male so "jambu" it was. naz would be interested to know that kenny's girlfriend is very good at mahjong (maybe can ask her to teach you how to play). she didn't come down to join us for supper because she was in the middle of a game with her two ladies-in-waiting.

i'm pretty psyche about the D.I.Y project. mat actually digs the "mat knows he sucks" design i did. he says it's cool and he want it for his band t-shirt. kenny's still sitcking with the "DF skull". i've changed my mind about putting the "DF headphones" on my trucker cap. mat's gonna spray paint this monkey face in red for me instead. besides kenny wants the "DF headphones" on his cap. i'm trying to figure out what i can use to get a silvery, glittery effect for the "DF skull" i want mat to do on my birthday pants, the right bum cheek where the pocket used to be.

last night i was wearing my birthday pants. thanks to da, naz and bkm. also thanks to shah for removing the silver studs and a pocket. as soon as i got home from orchard yesterday, i hack off the hemline so now it reaches just above my ankle. very nick valensi. and the pants is soooooo comfortable, man! better than my red birthday pants.

must remember mat has my strokes album with him.