a qoute that had me laughing my socks off courtesy of sweetz's ex-girlfriend and what she wrote in her blog (blog's private so i was told by sweetz himself): tonight me and dear ahem ahem at his house.
harharharhar! "ahem ahem"?! that's rich! and the "dear" she was refering to wasn't sweetz. how bout trying the phrase "making whoopey" next time, girl? or is that just as vulgar as "fucking"? harharharhar... bapak dier betol giler.
aaaaahhh! i didn't get to inspect mat's joystick. we were too caught up in discussing bout my cap, my jeans, my ass, my tits... all bout me me ME! no lar. mat's too gawdawn chaste to be discussing about the last two things. poor boy has to hold on to the rail to go down the stairs coz his stapled-up torso won't allow him to bend even a lil bit.
i still haven't read my research material. what can i say? i'm lazy. instead i'm thinking about writing my own fiction and how best to put my booming granny's face on my mobile.
now i'm thinking about making whoopey with Wan (A.K.A Omar Mars Volta of Singapore/ Fabrizio Moretti melayu) from Saturday... hmmmmm
and then i can go like: me and gorgeous kept it raw on the set at my place. we were at it all through the weekend. what a happy life that might be for me! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...