since it pays to be mediocre
you know, i never could understand how bloggers like furbz does the "dear so-and-so" thing on their blogs. maybe if i try it out, i'll get it (this is me being incredibly retarded bcoz in 15min i'm due fo a staff meeting when i should be waiting fo the bus to go home).

dear harm,
you really should stop wishing about getting in bed with the drummer of The Strokes. remind yourself that 7th Oct is gonb juz another ordinary day and not the day when your booming granny finally turns 24yrs old. i'd also appreciate it if you pick up cooking so instead of trying to dance your hunger away in your momma's room (like earlier on during lunchtime), you could actually eat some decent food made by your own hands. plus you won't look as retarded that way.
learn to appreciate the people who constantly take your BS full-on. learn not to regret. learn to save up money. learn to stop smoking entirely. learn to tame down your holier-than-thou attitude. and get your fat-ass round your grandmomma's place one of these days for gawdsakes! or have we forgotten that our birthday is just around the corner?
harm, your momma didn't raise you up to make boys cry. but i guess it became a habit after you started abusing your brother. maybe your "ish" or something. your momma wanted you to become a lawyer. what ever become of that?
let's face it, you know you have no direction in life right now. you're always circling around the same block, stopping at the same corner shops. you know you hate to admit it. eversince this morning, you felt the deepest regret ever. what you don't know is why you have to feel that regret? and you think hard about it and end up with a massive headache. maybe you shouldn't try so hard, maybe you should try to trust people a lot more. you made a mistake once and you never learn. what are yer? daft?