i want julian casablancas jacket in wine red
so yesterday went out, took some neoprints coz i had some cash to burn (i was suppose to be spending money on 2nd hand clothes but i didn't see anything i like), met up with da and heiyo boy. harharhar we saw snake at the Reflecting Pool in The Istana Park. bloody kecoh cool! first time i get to call the cops. damn long okay that snake. i think it was about 4-5 foot long, thereabouts. couldn't tell what species. of coz mr hellomoto null couldn't take pictures lar (don't have in-built flash, mah) coz it was dark and all. but we're all gawking just the same. heiyo boy damn scary. i think he's fame-obsessed. says calling the papers was the 1st thing that hit his mind when he spotted the snake. and he was the very first to spot it. da was sitting on the ledge of that pool when the thing was slithering in the water beneath her bum. all the while i was thinking how it can crush my bones if it was wrapped around me. made me realise i love my bones too much, no matter how heavy they make me.