zack de la rocha sang 'know the enemy'
some people went munich and took really nice shots. i feel sad. coz this person took a shot of this building and i've got the same picture of it but mine sucks ass. saddening and maddening, man. why they all gotta be like that? i'm trying to cheer myself up by telling myself that i haven't enter my 20s yet so i've still got time to bloom into funkozmatic mode. harharhar. luminaries dignitaries i bet The Autistic one takes terrible pictures. i can't wait to print my shirts. kill em strokie shirtie people. ain't nobody be cramping ma style, numsayin? jublozis! FEH! it's monday, geeks, not a good day to remind me that i'm a mediocre whore. waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!