this is what the smart investor intern did when she couldn't write out the first draft of the 1st section of that godforsaken book--->
she put on her nofx/ataris/rufio CD and googled fo nofx bio...

and i came across a good one, too! it's written by fat mike himself. and bloody inspiring. he's going to be my unsung hero #02. i always knew the formula to a good band is longevity. and nofx, i guess, is one of those bands that really tahan. been around since the 80s. what i really dig is how they started out in the very beginning. two people only. wah, they do really heavy-duty self-promotion in the early years. i read about the road trips across the states, doing basement parties, sleeping on people's basement floors damn wonderous. i think they spent a coupla years doing those things. imagine if i was doing that? my folks will probably imprison me in some institution. i'm so awed by fat mike. not because he's good-looking or anything (coz he's not!). he's like the ultimate punk business man. founded his own recording label, play for other bands, produce for other bands and still can front his own band. and i dig his song-writing. now you see why i pick nofx over the ataris any day?