ahhhhh...nothing like nofx in the morning when you don't wanna go to work. you know they should play nofx inside SBS buses in the morning. will liven people up, probably give some heartattack. but either way you'd get a reaction. i'm not very good with being sombre.
last night brought mat and null along to da's guitar practice at project K's jamming space. never have i felt untalented in my whole entire life. watching john and mat played, wah lau, i can eat my converse whole sial (and chew thoughtfully on its rubber soles, contemplating on my non-existent musical skills). project K played good bass but then you gotta remember who's her boyfriend. maestro, that one. it inspired null to play on his guitar tong once we got home (that stoopid chee bai ar, told him to learn the Room On Fire tabs don't want, you know).
you know, i've listen to mat's drumming a thousand times before and i never did felt particularly impressed till last night. maybe it was because he was playing with john and it wasn't punk rock songs. or maybe because i was standing right next to him staring intently at the drum set. wah lau! the fucker's hands ar fly all over the place, man. it's like it looks like the sticks are barely touching the high hat or the snap but the sound damn resonanting, can? geezus! he taught me how to do basic beats but then my coordination sucks ass. now we know how come group projects i always score no higher than a B-. wat i don't get is why he gets a nice sound when he lightly steps on the pedal and i have to step damn hard to get the same sound.
when mat's at the drums, he gets all lost in his little world of travis barkers, taylor hawkins and dave ghrols (i think can put john bonhams also into the mix). like kena sawan like that. even when he's skating hard, he doesn't get like that. he doesn't listen, he plays with his instinct coz i realise when he was playing to john's guitaring, he wasn't following, he was just giving john what he hears in his head. then after that the two of them lost each other in the mix and stop playing and laugh.
da's getting better. i think she'll be all set to play next year. i was telling da my ambition now is to be her greatest fan and infamous groupie. harharhar.
i feel the pressure lar when i was sitting on the floor of that room. both bands asking me for gigs. i need to do heavy duty sourcing once again. i think after bali ar. need a fucking break, man. i know i'm never gonna be a musician. which doesn't make me sad by the way. i enjoy bossing people around more. and i'd rather be a musician's muse. harharhar that'll be something.