Happy Birthday
to the nation and my partenal grandmother.
one's 39 years old, the other i can't remember. heh, sorry. but i know you live long enough to know better. what am i sayin'? never mind. i'm lethargic and i want somebody to get me this:

can anybody say 'listless' with me? maybe i should let Boss beat me up for not working on the article. it could wake me up some. i upset the Roach last night and well i feel the guilt just so you know. i'm never gonna be made into a good girl. please forget the expectations. not when i don't know where to go from here. all this talk about being somebody and having principles sounds like rubbish to my ears. i want to go watch the fireworks on my own, thanks. i think i can make a hobby out of that. interests: watching fireworks by myself. hurhur. is there any one in this world who goes country to country just to catch the fireworks display of a particular celebration/festival? freelance photographers need not apply.