Da Dah Giler!!!
she is experiencing her Big-O. not the magazine hor! ask her about it the next time you meet her. y'all should pick up a copy of Glamour magazine and read their 6 Modern Sex Myths You Shouldn't Believe. it's not exactly funny but it made me snigger some. it's coz some of the myths might raised a few prissy pussies' eyebrow. what was i doing reading that rag? my momma brought it home last night and since i didn't care much for TV, i thought i'd flip through it. naz have you seen the lastest Dior collection? they're using rastafari colors. heinz mesti happy giler babz. oh and yeah, this issue of Glamour might interest Alias fans as well coz Jennifer Garner's on the cover. i almost didn't recognize her ok despite the chameleon-esque role she takes on Alias. i mean, i've never seen her go blonde before. so today i actually found something interesting to read in my inbox. and guess what? it's something i normally trash. a slash fanfic. for some reason, this one grabs me. maybe coz i've never come across anything written about Pulp's Jarvis Cocker. Jarvis Cocker going down on Julian Casablancas. bloody brilliant! i like how she made Jarvis so English in her fic. forget about Julian. so many fans write about him, he's getting bland to read about.