I Destroyed My Namecard
i pulled the card apart and stick it on the back of a notebook i nick from Null. with white glue, of course. sticks almost anything together. 'cept maybe metal parts. i dunno. never tried it before. lil miss kitty won't be pleased to discover what i've done to her lovely designed namecard. oh well, it's art afterall darling! shah is going to kill me. i'm suppose to meet her at 9am today. well, i could catch up later in coach, i guess. i'll be missing a few gigs that friends are so pscyhe to attend. bloody brilliant isn't it? the one weekend that i'm going KL and there's all these good shows happening around the island. tough. Goblet of Fire is excellent by the way. not a Harry Potter fan. i just got conned by a younger cousin to read the darn book. now all i wanna know is what happens next after the Dark Lord (He Who Shall Not Be Named) has arisen -hence, Order of The Phoenix. who wants to loan me their copy? i've taken to calling people i detest Dementors. see, they don't have faces, right? so those people who i really dislike should be just like them, the Dementors, faceless pieces of shits. besides, 'Dementors' rhymes with 'Tormentors'. so there! can we get John Hensley from Nip/Tuck to play Viktor Krum. you know, Sean McNamara's son? weird looking, isn't he? a cross between MJ and Edward Furlong. the new Ted Leo album, Shake The Sheets, sounds promising. downloaded 2 tracks off someone's blog and i'm digging them both. he's like the socio-politico Dashboard (save me please from this man's Hands Down). i need a bank loan to set up an SME. how do i go about doing this?