Sinking Into Debts

if i want to get my Chucks illustrated, i have to get the fella this Tindersticks album. bloody shoegazers. they make me uneasy. especially those Ian Curtis fans. they are intense and you never know when they're assessing you in that shrewd mind of theirs. i'll get Heiyo's CD first, gonna deal with this Tindersticks thing later. didn't turn up for work. chicken out at the last minute. because something was telling me to get on the comp and download more mp3s. ahahahaha. there is just so much of shoegazer rock i can take. i think that's the deal with me, i see music like a big ass buffet. you have to try everything at least once. people i've met so far tell me they're big fans of Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, The Cure, Jeff Buckley, My Bloody Valentine and the like. and i'm like 'oh-okay'. so who are my heroes? has and will always be the Beastie Boys. eh that Tom Waits dude quite cool hor.