When Going Foward Is A Gas
for one blissful moment, when they were making eye contact everything seems to loose its meaning. now why is there that electricity between two perfect strangers? both didn't attempt to smile to the other. they just stood there separated by the CD aisle, gazing. like a fish tank moment straight out of Baz Luhrmann's R+J. was it the recognition of a long forgotten memory? a love-at-first-sight scenerio? my guess is as good as yours, friends. only those two will know.
anyways, Naz would be happy to know that her Prince of the Nile is going to grace our pages with his rockstar mouth and studded belt. come sing with me: it's a small world after all. coincidence is only tolerable when it happens to ME and invovle someone i adore. why can't such things happen to me? we need more of those blissful last October run-in s.
so everything is coming together. looking tighter, brighter and all the -er words. i am due for KL this week. why am i not ecstatic about all these developments then? i am missing the Beloved in the whole picture. bloody nonok ok. it's very irritating when you feel you're sure about something but the opportunity isn't there in front of your face. and that bestfriend of mine ar! wah lau! dunno whether she's back or not. still M.I.Aing.
going to check out Make Up as suggested. found out the guitarist from Ted Leo/Pharmacists is in Make Up. Tibetan Freedom Concert... mmm... PSYCHE!!!
despair, my friends. learn the word. i need that boy who don't drink and smoke, play in a rock 'n' roll* band NOW!!!
*: well technically it's not rock 'n' roll. more progressive rock but you know i'm trynna qoute The Black Keys here so y'all just have to bear with me. uh you can roll your eyes as many times as you want.