something is wrong when you find this in an MTVasia newsletter. and then you begin to think it would be a matter of time before the Postal Service gets sign on to a major label (not necessarily Geffen). i should have known it from the very beginning actually. this always happens when that brother of mine decides that he likes the music i hear. Null has got me hooked on Nothing Better. super damn emo song ok. hey, issit really true Avril's going to marry that Sum 41 dude? such young things, aren't there? who would have thought. i wonder if they'll be like Z when they have kids; are they going to dress their babies like miniature punkers or are they going to do a tamer (but, really, it's very punk) version of Newly Weds/The Osbournes. it could be another one of those MTV gimmicks for all we know.

oh yar Happy Birthday Zaynah Paulson. i hope you google your name and find my blog and tell that auntie of ours what incredible things you learn about your cousin from reading her blog. yeh! won't we have alot of things to bitch about come Raya.

you know your local papers is opting for 'cool' when they have their soundbites writer doing reviews on The Libertines, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Ed Harcourt, with the headline "Anarchists' bedrock". plus, get this, half a page on The Thrills (Life!, Firday, September 24, 2004). i smell the stink of the avid pitchfork reader. the soundbites writer is really gettin' down with it, man. i remember reading reviews on Sufjan Stevens (any relation to Cat Stevens?) and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy one time. i was honestly mystified by it. i mean, really, not all of us can stomach folk. so maybe music reviews these days have become selective in the nation's newspaper. eh don't wait leh; do a review on The Black Key's Rubber Factory leh.