The [LoveStoryProject] is a documentary video and photo installation. It is a collection of interviews and thoughts about Love. The interviews were made in Cairo and Berlin. We now want to add Singapore. Your Help is needed! We are looking for 15 people to make interviews with other people, to collect stories and images about love. Together we will then create the [LoveStoryProject/Singapore]. Our first meeting is monday sep 29. 9am-12pm Nafa, Gallery 3, 80 Bencoolen Street. He will show and talk about works of his. This will take about 1.5 hours. From around 10:30 we talk about about how to make the [LoveStoryProject/Singapore]. For more information please e-mail Florian Thalhofer.The [LoveStoryProject/Singapore] will be presented at CreativeSpaces @ NAFA Gallery 3 on Sep 30 and at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany on Oct 8 and 9. And it will be online.
a public service announcement courtersy of Saz from LI

i've got a story. it's called Emotional Imprisonment: I Hate You, A Love Story. it's about a boy who believes in a thing called fate and a girl who doesn't. so the boy teaches her the meaning of the word by popping in and out of her life at the most inappropriate moments. initially the girl couldn't understand the meaning of this. a long train of arguments, cold wars, resenment and fall-outs ensue. after which she realises she cannot escape this and he realises he cannot do without her. both of them reach to some sort of agreement and they live happily ever after in a big old house in Cuba like a bunch of merry hippies. ocassionally, they will have fights which invovles the girl turning Big Pimpin up loud on their phatass sound system with the boy screaming his head off about hating hiphop. but you know these things are bound to happen lar. love, we always said it's forever in this beautiful life.