i present to you Vincent Gallo. musician, artist, actor, director and more. but no, not a philanthropist. Fab (no, not the Stroke) texted me last night about catching this art gore film Trouble Every Day. he told me to check this dude out coz he thinks he looks like John Frusciante. right. so i checked him out. and honestly, the first thing i thought of when i saw his picture was: he could play Charles Manson (you know Summer of Love, killing people was the sitch) and The Strokes can play The Beach Boys in the movie. this Gallo dude has got that Rasputin aura about him. in some pictures, it looks like someone threw John Frusciante and Viggo Mortensen in a blender and the concoction came out looking like him. Vincent Gallo's in a movie, The Brown Bunny, with Chloe Sevigny. another one of those love stories lar.

this is just too cool!