Lil Poo Started This
"this" being my fascination with the New Orleans' Cajuns and Creoles. lil poo told me once that if she had a chance to pick a place to visit in the United States she'd go New Orleans because of its rich cultural past. inititally the only Cajun thing i knew was Gambit, a comic character from The X-men. because, really, he's hot and Wolverine was always calling him 'Cajun'. i knew nothing about the Creoles, only that they come from Europe or something. perhaps they are the 'peranakans' of the West. then i caught this segment on TV not too long ago. they were doing a spotlight on New Orleans and well, being the geek that i am, it got me interested. plus the place is just colorful. coincidentally, i came across a poem called Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow while i was googling for the poet (because he was mentioned in a book i was reading at the time). it's got something to do with the Cajuns and yes, it's another one of those Love stories. the world seems to be built on love doesn't it? ok, digressing. damn, fucking long ok! like Star Trek or Days of Our Lives or something. never was a big fan of poetry but since it pieced together like a bunch of short stories, i didn't mind all that much. plus it helps that the poem's divided by sections. this morning i was asked by Boss to do a little online tarot card reading. and this is it. she actually laughed when i showed her. but you know, one can't be too hopeful.