Ten Things That Happened

  1. null has already learnt the tabs to Evil. die bitch die!
  2. my mind needs a holiday
  3. i just downloaded a Jeff Buckley song out of boredom
  4. i'm not actually bored. i'm procastinating my work. now i'm downloading that song of the Peugeot 407 commercial. song's called Can You Trust Me (DJ Zebra Remix) by The Film
  5. i find solace working at a dead end job. i swear to god, when you're doing something really braindead your mind just shuts down on you and i like that
  6. i am motivated to stop smoking
  7. i don't think i should care very much how a certain somebody has changed. i would help if i wasn't still bitter about last year
  8. i am going to get some help with the magazine. yeh!!!
  9. Slow Hands has got to be one of the most beautiful songs of 2004
  10. i am determined to see my heroes perform live next year