Let's Be Totally Airheaded
since i'm sick and all (plus cousins have said that i'm always cranky) let's do something i always LOVE to do. E-Y-E-C-A-N-D-Y. what is life without a nice view of a few hotties? right! this was taken from jakartastrokes, an affiliate of Atchoo's (hope you don't mind, girl). i'm actually disappointed i didn't get Carlos D.

Paul Banks
You're Paul Banks! You're often compared to Ian Curtis from Joy Division but you're infinitely cooler as you're far more alive. Also you're the baby of the group but due to travelling the world and your crazy intelligence, this never shows.
Which member of Interpol are you? brought to you by Quizilla
rah rah rah! not too fond of Joy Division, much less Ian Curtis. sorry.

i'd rather be the imposing looking one on the bass. besides, what's cooler than wearing a suit with combat boots, man? with a nose sharp enough to slice someone's neck, too! but you know Crispin Glover may just be the next best thing. i mean, really, can you even tell the difference? better known as the "creepy thin man" from Charlie's Angels. he can smell my hair anytime, numsayin'?

alright the next dumbass movie i'm going to catch is Without a Paddle. saw the trailer today and thought it looks absolutely hilarious. there's Mathew Lillard, Seth Green and a guy who reminds me of Beastie Boys' MCA, Dax Shepard. never seen him before. have you? ok i'm hungry now. i feel for another round of ban mian. mmm...