SLK200 Kompressor... hmmm
i don't normally dig Mercedes Benz because i think it's a chicken rice towkay kinda car. but this one is just so WAH!


reading: Patricia Highsmith
thinking: what will become of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip now?
amusing: this is my brother's exact words today "if it weren't for the people he's mixing around with right now, he would make a good husband for you." question! would you even want him to be your brother-in-law? his name cannot be disclosed because every time i say, see, hear, type, write, read the name it's going to bring me another few months of bad luck. see, i'm paranoid like that.


i really think Null should go and find me a charming, respectable looking professor/diplomat/scholar/political analyst to get hitched with. because rockers for husbands are so LAST MILLENIUM. so then i can travel, travel, travel and travel.