so much for Rock The Vote
all that negativity on a Wednesday wore me out. i just sent an e-mail to my aunt and my cousin because since all the talk at work just now was about the election i was curious to find out who Auntie Faiz and Zaynah's momma voted for. i know for a fact Epitaph has been following this thing closely ever since it started. the people at Epitaph are so fervent about ousting the Bush administration. i mean, yeah, i know the rest of the world too but those punk rockers are scary. so here we are now, not getting what we want. i'm sorry if i sound apathetic about this but you know if i was actually there, studying in Ivan Allen right now, i'd feel the blow a great deal more. i have to agree with Naz of Lorem Ipsum on this one when she quoted German playwright, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; like people, like government. well, cheers to another 4 years of whatever we're having now.

re-edit: i've got a feeling Ted Leo is destined for great things in the years' to come. i was reading a couple of blogs and i notice most of them had Ted Leo's mp3s posted up this week, the election week. hmmm, there were a few NOFX tracks and there was even one by Conor Oberst's Desaparecidos but the Ted Leo ones were prevalent. i'm just going to go back to downloading now. having a ball like you wouldn't believe it.