I Can't Resist, I'm An Optimist
what a sordid day. i wake up at about 4pm to rain, rain and more rain. i feel the same for the last 5 days; like i've just been hit by a truck or something. i slept at 7am this morning, having stayed up all night to come up with 6 CD cover samples. all of which i don't really like. but i shouldn't worry because I AM NOT GETTING PAID. in the last two days, i've been contemplating about doing a 'blowjob' post on Ollie Jacobs, frontman of UK indie electronica has-been band Arkarna. recently, i have discovered that their Fresh Meat album can effectively put me to sleep. i dunno why i rather have them on then say, Coldplay or Belle & Sebastian.

so the lyrics doesn't make sense and very few cares about indie electronica now since it's all about rocking it out harder than your gramp's ever did in his youth these days. but how can y'all forget that So Little Time So Much To Do song? i was 13 or 14 when i watched that video and well, i had a school girl wish of getting with a dude who looked and dressed just like Ollie Jacobs, ratty pink Arkansas shirt and all. damn he was so cute. there was just something adorable about a guy who had locks that long (past the shoulders, mind) and was a little buck-toothed.