Thinking Things Over
it's that time of the year. the time of the year when i've never felt so disappointed before. now i can't even remember what we fought about. imagine that? i can't remember the reason or cause of it but the pain and resentment still feels fresh, like it happened just yesterday or something. Poo says it was meant to be and i shouldn't be such a blockhead about it. in fact alot of my girlfriends tell me this. but i cannot swallow my pride. i just can't. papa would have said to get with money. but then my old man has always been practical. hahaha. i'm daddy's girl to a fault. no matter how much i call him an 'asshole' i'm still grateful for alot of things he's taught me. momma would have told me to forgive the boy. but then momma is a sucka for sentiments. she used to be tough as nails; i used to call her the wicked witch of the east when i was alot younger. but since her older two kids got into their teens, she's been doing alot of forgiving. i still think this is all a lost cause. but you know i just dig that Goldfinger song by Ash. it's a really lovely track and i'm surprised that brother of mine downloaded it because he's a big fan of Emery and Anberlin (or however you call them). sappy sial today.