urm tired
why can't we go Bawean for Raye. then i don't need to clean up my room. room's in a very bad state. it's not ready to Raye. i'm not ready to Raye. i want to sit under a tree near nenek's sawa and smoke Marlboros when Raye comes. at dawn of course. when it's cooler and the sunrise is just fantastic. that's the only thing me and Null miss about Bawean. that sawa place was where we smoked and bitched about relatives we never knew we had in Indonesia. i want to go back there when i'm fully loaded for a week of tripping. numsayin? comatose for a week. you should always OD in a rural place. then you can fully appreciate nature. ok i'm talking rubbish. it'd be like The Postman. minus the hallucinogenics. i should invest on a hammock. i think Ludacris' Act A Fool is about the pimpiest track i ever heard all week. it's pimpier than the current issue of Juice anyway. -snigger- but of course nothing can top Jay Z's Big Pimpin', the song that inspired my retirement plan.

haven't got it in me to bring out the Mr Brasso and get on with the heavy duty cleanin'. what am i up to these days? refraining myself from busting some peoples' egos. my ego got busted last weekend. trying really hard not to think about it. had a laugh when i picked up the lastest issue of Juice. one word: streetizens. rhymes with denizens, don't it? i can't wait till this forsaken year ends. can't wait till my girlfriends come home (BKM, Cheryl, Lineng, Rose). can't wait to be rid of the 3 pigs. all i've been doing all week is hooking people up with other people. met a writer last night when i was hanging around Null's shop. she writes for travelradio.com. she doesn't know that Seinheiser's headphones are the shiznit! and not Sony's. she wanted to get the Sony ones which was going for USD300. the lady's crazy, no? but she's cool. i was rubbing my hands together in glee after she left. opportunity, man, opportunity. there is no stopping a scheming mind.