Here Is No Why lar dey

we watched Alexander today and well the reviews are quite true. Angelina Jolie gave a good performance (she looked aboslutely stunning throughout the movie), Collin Farrell stinks and there's a whole lot of eye-candy available. there's this unkown dude who played Darius III, the Persian king. definite eye-candy that one. maybe because he's got nice curls. most of all Cassender played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. ok, i'm biased. but really he is so yummy in Alexander. and yes we have established the fact that he is a nicotine addict. here, he has a ciggie in between his fingers. there's actually something unbecoming about smoking when you're on the set. now i'm thinking about smokers on the Planet of The Apes set. all of them in monkey suits smoking. funny funny.

i bought 5 CDs today. totally wiped out what money i have left in the bank. yay me. one of the albums i got was Verbena's Into The Pink and i am impressed by their CD cover. the whole layout of it and the art direction. something i wished i had come up with for the rock diva's band. i tried to tell that to the rock diva but of course he wouldn't hear any of it. keep it simple, he says. don't talk alot, he says. rah rah rah seluar dalam.