I Can't Get No Satisfaction

momma rented some DVDs and i watched Mona Lisa Smile and Life Or Something Like It back to back as soon as i got home from Jalan Bukit Merah. perhaps momma has a thing for Angelina Jolie, too. so fans please watch Life Or Something Like It. her being blond in this one starts to become believable as the plot thickens. heh heh. not quite a cheesy comical love story this one but it's good. or maybe i'm being biased again because Angelina Jolie's in it. you know, it's freaky how Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst look almost alike in Mona Lisa Smile. one wonders if that's the reason why brother Jake Gyllenhaal went out with Kirsten Dunst. hmmm... the line 'if only you were not a pale image of her' comes to mind. a line taken from the gay movie Alexander. heh heh.