i am about to make this man my next fixation. Elvis fucken Costello.

geez i must be such a spaz. i am still harping about Interpol's Antics. the mag meeting today has been cancelled and that is why i am back online and trawling my favourite mp3 blogs in search of new music. G-E-E-K. this has been my most favourite hobby since late last year. i cannot get enough of it. yesterday, Lurp, Poo and I went to Salvation Army to waste time. Lurp and i didn't have much cash and we didn't feel like doing the usual so we went down there to waste time looking through junk. then she got caught up in the moment of 'finding the ULTIMATE bachin blazer' and i couldn't stop inspecting my tighs. they are fat by the way. or at least i think they are ginomous. this coming from a girl who wants to be as rail thin as her brother so that she can fit into this smashing brown pants and look androgynous. i blew 83 bucks on a new pair of jeans from Hush Hush. my one moment of weakness this week. every plan got cancelled so i felt a bit out of it, i became impulsive.

i want to chew on Kakak Mar's bones. she's got a iPod Mini for free. another rail thin relative. how bloody annoying. the thing is diet won't help. smoke more, eat less and sleep less. then i'll have this sickly pallour on my face, along with being skinny. i want to look like a druggie.