i didn't get wasted at all today but i feel wasted. SO! got myself dragged to Woodlands to accompany Lurp. sat around in her sister's living room and air-guitaring to the usual. stoned a whole lot because i couldn't recover from the previous night's Johnny Walker deluge (got home with my face buried in our living room carpet by the way). we got lazy and turned on to MTV. and we watched making the video Maroon 5. i couldn't register which song exactly they were making but i've got to say this: Fab, Adam Levine reminded me so much of you when i watched him prancing around in front of the camera (what a whore). is it the hair? is it the way he dresses that is similar to yours? is it the way he talks? or perhaps it is the personality. i dunno. but his guitarist annoys me. well, his hair annoys me. because it's straight, blond and frames his face just so. the drummer seemed a bit gay. the pianist came off sounding like a muslim (or moslem). and nobody remembers the other guy. at least i didn't. i am tired. i've got things to do and i'm not doing them like i should. i need to buy a bouqet of lilies.