i am like so seriously bored. i can read but i don't want to. i can get better at the guitar but i don't want to practise. i can clean up my room but i'm waiting for a really good reason to do that. i can go into the kitchen to fix something to eat but i don't want to. i can smoke but i'm trying hard to resist it. i can watch TV but there's nothing good on. no cable, figures. but what i did found out today was how a press kit should look like. the electronic one anyways. quite impressive, i have to say. pdf files and all. the catch is i don't know how to work with them adobe pdfs. uuurgh. gawd how disenchanted can one get? what i need is to get back to school and be an arrogant uni kid, lugging books around. heh heh. okay maybe minus the books. i don't like carrying things. in dire need to get enroll into school, any kind of school. we are having a meeting tomorrow. thinking about it dulls my mind. i can predict how it's going to go. alot of trash talking, a bit of work and we're done. does it seem like a waste of time? yes it does. so why do i go through with it? i don't know exactly. but i need to be around that area because i've got things to drop off.

my father is looking for someone to paint murals on 3 walls, each measuring 2.7m by 4m. it's got to do with kids and animals. leave a message or whatever.