if i had my way, i would want the people at Mojo magazine be my godparents. oh yeah!!! anyways this entry was suppose to serve as a msg board.

Nasty, since now you're a working woman and all, do you get regular off days? like during the weekends? i'm not sure whether you're still interested in the NTU thing which is happening this Sunday but it's a confirmed thing that i'm crashing. i think Mr J was just a mirage. i can't stand hearing from him now. uuurgh!

Da, download Nina Gordon's Straight Out Of Compton. now, there's a song to be weirded out by. N.W.A classic sang by ex Veruca Salt.

BKM, i can't get over your MSN pic. very the Jamie Yeo meets Vernetta Lopez, sia. but you look nice all the same. i'll call you by the end of the week about something.

Ah Mah, aiyoh i don't know where and how you are now, girl. but we'all gotta meet up for shure.

soon. soon. soon.