indulging in my favourite hobby of going through sites and streaming albums. on today's menu were:

  • Push The Button -The Chemical Brothers
  • Complex Life Begins Again -Jimmy Chamberlin
  • Happiness In Magzines -Graham Coxon

all of which i got off the real music guide. yay me. i've said this before and i'll say it again; the only thing i like about house is the Chemical Brothers. if i ever had to choose between Dave Grohl and Jimmy Chamberlin over drumming, i'd pick Jimmy hands down because i prefer pumpkins over anything that smells like teen spirit, numsayin? i think Graham Coxon is some sort of a genius even though alot of reviewers say he'll never grow up in his music. who the hell cares? the man is a reminder that you can still be all shitty and let loose no matter how aged you've become/feel. beer and bouncing off walls might just be my next favourite extra curricular activity. now i'm going to read some.