You Can't Get No Satisfaction?

what is wrong with the superficial? tell me, tell me. why does everything has to be something REAL to her? for someone who loves to think too much, she never wonders about that. i read something that irk me out. the young always think they're infallible. i have a mind to paste whatever she wrote on this, here, entry and dissect each and everyone of her proses and sentences with my criticism. people who think too much about heavy, deep stuff are annoying. i can see why others perceive them to be holier than thou. they are constantly feeling out of place and everything else they deem irrelevant is beneath them. i know i can get like that at times but you don't have to be like that all of the goddamn time. it's tiring and sooner or later you're gonna be sick of yourself, same as everything else you're sick of.

i should have bought a new pack of cigarettes before i came home. damn. now i'm dying for a smoke. bought Mojo magazine for the first time because it came with a compilation CD. my money is dwindling at breakneck speed, yo. watched Who's That Knocking At My Door and couldn't get over Harvey Keitel's tight ass. flipping through Mojo magazine makes you wish it was a free Tower Records store instead of a magazine, y'know. am i making sense? days are spent hanging about with my brother and coming up with spastic jokes as fast as we smoke the cigarettes. it's quite possible to do this the whole year but i shan't. because i need to be a responsible adult and either make money or upgrade myself. yay it's so cool to be 20, don't it? WELL IT'S NOT COOL! IT IS NOT COOL AT ALL! currently, Null has been impersonating Jeremy Davies who played Manson in Helter Skelter. i can do it too, but not to full effect because i'm not rail thin. okay maybe i'm going down now to get me Marlbs. thinking about a skinny hippie being celebrated like he was some kind of Messiah makes me wanna smoke. i. am. weird. like. that.