barney and friends are like stepford kids. i swear to gawd their kids are on something. they prance around like robots. unlike the kids on hi-5 or sesame street. the kids on barney and friends are too well-mannered + syncronized. anyway i hate barney and friends. i'd rather watch my magic school bus. my throat is sore. too much pineapple tart popping lar. i like pineapple tarts and TV. acme cartoons are getting annoying. what the hell happen to tiny toons, man?! the constantine is so-so. saw gavin rossdale in a sharp suit. such a lucky girl is gwen. i cannot wait until my money comes in because i have alot of titles to look for at video ezy. but i ma watch scarface first. it's on top of the list. hurry, money, hurry!