Point Being
boomin' granny likes Chainsmoking. why am i not surprised? it is so HIM. the whinny lyrics + the 80s flashback sounds. uuurh! what a NERD. you're a NERD, bg. NERD NERD NERD. i can just imagine his reaction -his mouth will open and close like a fish about to die under the chopper. without a sound. i'm reading A Gun For Sale. totally feeling the main character, Raven. i never knew anyone who's got a harelip so i don't know exactly how it looks like. after listening to Interpol's C'mere on repeat the other night, i felt like shit. bottom line is: the person you want most might not be the one you need. so, kids, this is why you'll never see me in a meaningful relationship. there are too many want-s.