we at F*Art was laughing at this fella's list. besides it's a matter of time before i succumb to it any way. and because, for some reason, i cannot sleep though i'm knackered, i shall while away the time coming up with this list.

Things About Harm
1. i don't eat anything that swims. includes sperms.
2. i love the color red
3. the name "Harm" came about when a boy said my name was long and he shortened it to its first syllable. it's actually spelled H-A-M but another boy said that it makes people think of a pig so he started calling me Harm and the name stuck. nothing to do with whether i think i'm dangerous or anything.
4. i don't like to admit that i'm more like my father than momma
5. between Null and me, I'm Jack White
6. i know a few of my friends hate my guts
7. i like anything South American
8. i am not an Indie Rocker
9. i am a big fan of the Beastie Boys
10. i wanted to work for the UN at one point of time
11. i have a fetish for older men
12. i have a fetish for curls on boys
13. i have sister who i think will marry an ang moh
14. i pick diamond over gold
15. i smoke because i think it's a literary thing
16. i would like a room with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with 1st edition books one day
17. i prefer tea
18. i like my hand-writing
19. i am not crazy
20. i am not an outdoor person
21. i am vulgar and loud
22. i am not very tactful when i'm supposed to be
23. i know when to suck up to people
24. i never could really appreciate photography
25. i like to blow my money on CDs when i feel like shit
26. i think i'm about the only girl my age who thinks Jamal Abdillah is hot
27. i always write in black ink
28. i might decide to become a farmer
29. i always want things that are inacessable to me
30. i came up with the term "gorgeously bachin"