Well Hello There

am i always the last one to know about these things? Daphne Li's on the cover of 17 magazine. i think BKM was trying to tell me that Friday but i was half listening. until i was looking for Mojo and chanced upon 17 magazine. yeowza! i totally dig the rainbow thing, man. if you're reading this, thanks again for doing that video for us. haha i never did really thank you properly.

anyways, yes, Maugham's good. through reading his The Razor's Edge, i got to know a bunch of things. things that will only interest a geek like me. i can relate to the story because i'm going through that "in-between" phase that Larry (hero) faced at 20. the need to just get away from it all when everyone is telling you to make something of yourself, make money, be industrious, la-la-la. i like how Maugham's so observant with people. i could only dream about writing descriptions like him. such clarity, such grace. i've been reading a bunch of things concurrently. i want to find Rimbaud's Illuminations and anything on Rilke. i might just get agreeable with poetry. but there is no way in hell you'd ever get me to read Jim Morrison's poetry. i think my next best bet on Maugham is his The Moon and Sixpence.

i can make a habit of going through CDs after CDs at Cash Convertors. if not to check whether any of my favourite bands are on the shelves, it's to check out the cover art for other bands i don't listen much to. like Pearl Jam's Benaroya Hall, for example. bought it on the spot because i fell in love with the whole outlook of the CD. besides, it's cheap y'all. 5 bucks an album. it'd be great if Cash Convertors was selling not-so-stale Marlboros for 5bucks a pack.