I've Given Up On Social Niceties

you know i can't enough of hothotheat.com. like whenever i'm online i have to stream their songs. fun ar! ok latest crush in the music sphere (actually old one lar, i think i talked about him before in here), TOM VEK. i'm pretending that i didn't read his debut album review in Juice. it was really horrifying to find it in that magazine. don't they have enough DJs to keep em busy or something?

you want a boyfriend who has got floppy hair, a total nerd with a perpetual sheepish look on his face plus the dirty jeans/sneakers combo but don't look utterly contrived, well, Tom Vek's your boy. i resent that alot of reviewers have dub him the "next Beck". sial ar! Beck is Beck, man. i don't think what Tom Vek's doing is anything new but he's like a breath of fresh air amidst all of this New Wave frenzy. slacker jack Tom Vek looks like he could be one of the Z Boys. and i like that.

chee bai last night i spent 12bucks on cab fare,man. because i was hanging out with a fellow Nazi and he assured me that the last bus hadn't gone yet. but he was wrong! bastardo! speaking of bastardo, i have so many friends but NONE, yes, NONE wanted to hang out with me last night. and that is why i ended up sitting with Datuk Vader, bitching AGAIN! if we aren't bitching, we get retarded on each other. i really need to stop bitching. it's not good for the soul. but then it makes for entertaining convos. MUST CUT DOWN! the only good thing that came out from last night's session was knowing about Zembla from Datuk Vader. yes,such geeks are we. still, i find Seth Cohen annoying. he spoils the market.

Hamilton Leithauser is joining the ranks of Dan Auerbach and Julian Casablancas on my list, man. woohoo!