The Boring Bits

yesterday i was flipping through Look-Look magazine. i was suppose to find Zembla but i couldn't find it anywhere and i was a bit upset. so i came across Look-Look. yeah, what a name. reads like any regular design magazine. good content (not quite fantastic), simplistic design and a shitload of contributors. what bug me was this: how in the world did they manage to rope in young good looking people as contributors? they all look like they belong in the recent Puma ad campaign or something. so today, i went online to check out their official website and decided it wasn't so happening. but then i came across this and i was like AH-HAH! i'm still thinking about sending Auntie Faiz an email about how i'm doing. the States thing is just not going to happen. perhaps next year, if i decide to appeal for an exchange programme thing. still, i don't wanna be in a school that's ranked 160th by USWeekly.