a typical day in school with the UB posse

me: y'know for the longest time i wonder why Bert never moved out of the house. aren't Ernie and him suppose to be roomates or something?

they laughed at me if you must know. meh! well i didn't know they were brothers so there!

watched Hitler The Rise of Evil. Fatin says it was alot of talking. she didn't think i'd enjoy it. but i did. Robert Carlyle is supremo fantastiko and we were talking about it after English. just like Teh, the people i'm infatuated with are long dead. Datuk Vader thought that was the weirdest thing about me but considering he's a dumbass who hasn't met alot of girls i think i'm pretty M.O.R.

listening to In Your Honor. it was bought with borrowed money from Poo because i couldn't overcome my impulse. i heard Best Of Me on the radio and had the greatest urge to go out and buy the album without a trial listen. i needed the yeowling and screaming to get me out of the lo-fi indie stupor. it's getting stiffling. i've even considered getting into grime because i heard Roots Manuva in Gorillaz's All Alone and i really dig it. anything for a breath of fresh air.

so this Thursday is the big day for Last Transmission.
here are the details.
where: HOME
when: 8pm, $12 inclusive 1 drink
opening band: Samantha

Mond thinks Samantha rocks so i ma check em out. i have to go because i've bastard the singer so many times already. dragging Lurp along coz she also bastard the singer many many times. i can see my weekend being chewed up already. tired!