my weekend was a back-breaking one. it started on thursday and didn't end till tuesday morning. i don't want an encore, thanks. let's see: went to LT's launch thursday. it was an explosive set by the way. met all the old faces and had a load of laughs bitching about Samantha. ok sorry but The Killers was never my cup of tea, y'know. don't believe anyone who says that Mr Brightside is my favourite track. THEY'RE LYING! fucking detractors.

friday went to baybeats with the UB posse, mainly to catch B-Quartet. we caught only about 15min of them and after that ciao to makan. i didn't see any point in sticking around because it was crowded and my bookbag was weighing me down. saturday work and met up with Heiyo after. got Elevator and Gimme Fiction off of him. Elevator is a thoroughly enjoyable album and Gimme Fiction is intriguing. and yes, i truly dig that Merchants of Soul track. power! thank you, Heiyo.

speaking of that track, i came home and wrote a bit on Kenicky. remember Eminem had this alter-ego thing he called Slim Shady? well, i've got something similar and he is called Kenicky. more of a muse than an alter ego though. i started working on it when i was bored in maths last friday. i'm planning to make it into a comic strip with Shalih, my cousin, doing the illustrations. i need something to distract me from work, school and the magazine.

sunday went babybeats again. i was there solely for Copeland because i figured i go in memory of Raihan. he introduced me to Copeland two days before he passed away. and so i stick around till the end, even though halfway through their set i was envisioning Rival Schools playing on stage instead. Copeland's got the energy and the tightness but they weren't supremo fantastiko, y'know. besides, i never had a thing for self-conscious frontmen. what was quite enjoyable was to be stuck in between the MCR juvies and the Malaysian kids. makes for superb entertainment because M'sian kids were making all sorts of nasty comments, some of which were really funny. it beats hearing MCR juvies trying to talk-the-talk. i was mildly embarrassed for the MCR juvies because the non-locals weren't particularly impressed by them.

monday ciao school and lounge around the house. it was raining and again i didn't feel for human interaction. Lurp came over and i cooked. she had to buy supplies from Art Friend and i figured i'd tag along and terrorise CD shops along the way. so i was telling her she could build me a tree-top house in Sarawak when she's done with school. she said 'yes' but i gotta find and pay for my own contractor. she carried on mocking me but i was already lost in my daydreaming. i must ask Cheryl about that hotel in Africa.