Dreaming of Long Sun Bleached Hair & Ironman
we love skinny boys yes? we love long hair and ratty shirts yes? then we love Lords of Dogtown.

if you're not an enthusiast, you'd probably think it's boring. and i'm not saying this like you should be a skateboarder if you wanna 'get it'. because i don't skate and i still liked the movie. if i said it affected me in a way, it would sound cheesy but yar, it did because it reminded me of the posse. it made me sad lar ok. when i watched the documentary, it was all facts and interviews. even though i knew the z-boys split up and joined different teams, i didn't actually think about the 'how', y'know.

it's like that Verve song This Time. you've got this bunch of kids who congregate at one place and for a time it seemed almost like you live there. you hang out with them, you get into scrapes together and do stupid things together. then you grow apart. before y'know it, that one place becomes a ghost town and somebody from the crew actually died. bah! i'm still not pass that. i told Baroness about the Nanny and i got melancholic all over again like it happened just yesterday.

let's not be melancholic. let's be perasan. let's do one of those if you were a character from Lords of The Dogtown who would it be? things. i think i'd be Jay. not because he's my favourite of the the original Z-Boys. Lurp has got to be Alva and Lemz is Stacey. Lurp's the rockstar who's good at what she does (like she knows how to 'bling it on'). Lemz is bent on 'doing the right thing' (she's got manners, that one). and me, i'm a fucking nightmare who's got issues and violent tendencies. even though i skate like shit, you can pretty much suss it out by observing my sweatstance. i always overshot because i pumped too much. it's like a curse.

John Robinson is incredibly adorable, yo! i have to agree with Tony's sister when she said she liked long hair. me too, honey! i love long hair! but then she got all hormones when she told Jay she didn't want him wearing underwear when he's around her. i thought it was too weird to be a turn-on. the girl's freak-K.

how lovely it must be to live during the 70s, huh?