i've got jamil's iBook with me and i've been fucking around with it since noon. he's called me twice to check up on his newly acquired laptop which i personally think is more fucked up than mine because there's a lot of softwares i had to download for the maestro. he has threatened me with some jibberish which wasn't unlike Chewbacca in heat when i so curtly told him that he was interrupting my mp3 downloading. before that, he so smugly told me that they were gonna be bringing in music DVDs into the store. bring ar. nothing i can't find in HMV, i bet.

the next band i'm getting excited about, apart from Architecture In Helsinki, is The Frames. i just heard their Sideways Down on radio and it rocks. to think that they signed with Epitaph (i'm such an elitist like that). it wouldn't have been surprising if it was Matador. i've finally discovered why The Strokes were heavily into Guided By Voices. bah! that band just reminds me of Uncle Star Wars. so early 90s no?

today i caved in on my resolution. i can't stay away from chocolate very long. hahah he's got me like an addict. and i'm not talking about Uncle Star Wars here (that one's got me like a really bad "your momma" joke). i'm sorry. "yo! mama" ahahahahahahahahahahahah. right, today was also the first time in my life i made myself eat Filet-O-Fish. shalih bought it and i did promise him i'll eat anything he buys. so i had to chomp on it. fish filet's actually not bad.

and naz would be happy to know that my new sem got her kinda boys. your myspace papi chulos are cropping up around my school, girl. all them big, bad bruisers. i think one of them's hot but so so SO out of my league. my league now consists of skinny underfed boys who can't help that they're, in fact, more bitchier than i am.

so i'm hoping i get piggy-back rides this weekend. and hey, not to upset her high TEH ness, it is in fact Gavin DeGraw. Eliott Smitth still sounds like Sean Lennon to me. shalih says the guys on the radio i tune in to sounds like offsprings of Kermit The Frog.