O Thy Strangeness!

sitting in my cousin's room, working and fiddling around with radio streaming. i feel like i can do this every day for a living, ballz. i'm gonna gush about Architecture In Helsinki again. i particularly like the words in that song. if you haven't heard it and you're just reading it off, you'd probably think it's very emocore. but it's infectious like mad! i like recalling the song in my head when i'm skating. makes me happy about doing the same tricks over and over again.

The Go! Team and The Frames are in HMV. they're going for 37bucks each. i wanted to cry. it took hella long for HMV to bring in Thunder, Lightning, Strike!, man. what's the hold up? people were gushing about them since last year and it's only now the album's sitting prettily on the shelf, taunting at me for having no 37bucks to burn. gah! i hate it when i can't satisfy my obsessions.

Human Nutrition sucks ass. well, class at least. i hate it i hate it i hate it. it inspires homicidal tendencies. maybe coz there isn't anyone to bitch with in that horrendous class. the kids are either too foreign to figure out my wisecracks or they're too busy trying to act like they're too cool for school. what a very kepok phrase i've just used but yar, that's the essence of it.

hey! The Prosaics on right now. Fab told me to check them out but Jamil told me they broke up not too long ago. i thought it was DFA1979 sial. ok lar. this one can understand why they were signed on to Matador. gawd i sound like a indie smug fuck. no matter. i still think Mariah Carey rocks. hurhur.