it was the ex boomin granny's birthday five days ago. yes, i remembered. the current boomin granny wants to know when mine is. i thought it was unnecessary for him to know because he's not going to buy me those CDs in time. we launched into a texting frenzy about how i should spend my birthday. apparently he thinks getting plastered is the best way to celebrate. a year ago i would have said YEAH! but now i feel lethargic everytime someone mentions the word 'alcohol' to me. our session is long overdue but i won't be boozing on my birthday. not so soon. i will, however, spend the eve skating with Alva and Peralta. haha we have already decided who's gonna be who. me and Lemz quarrelled over who gets to be Adams. she thinks i'm not hippie enough. can you believe it? but she backed down and grudgingly accepted Peralta. little girls and their shindigs. you gotta indulge in some. gawd i feel old already. maybe i'll decide to crash Z's place and see what's up. haha she'll go: wah! you only look for me when it's your birthday ar, anak betuah! kekekekekekekeke i love thee.