Why I need to get a life... and why TV series will always have a place in humanity. I watched a random episode of Gossip Girl before I went to work this morning. Loser eh? It is because my days have become a routine, nothing much gets me interested and the word 'tedium' comes to mind whenever some asshole ask me how I'm doing.

In fact, I've been watching random episodes of Gossip Girl ever since that cousin of mine hijacked my computer. Our resident rah-rah girl is a huge huge huge fan of the series that she has taken to talking like one of them girls. Doesn't help that almost everyone at work watches the series too. So since we have no major scandal and cat fights at the work place, we have to get our fill through a second hand source. So much so that Charlotte has agreed with me that Humphrey Senior is a dish. Although, it's a bit odd that my brother The O.C fanatic hasn't caught on to Gossip Girl yet. Maybe there isn't a character who reminds him remotely of Taylor in the show.


hanna said...

OOPPPSS! sorry i hijacked your lappy toppy and made you watch some. but it's fun kann.? hahahahaha. i wanna get the book. damn loser ehh? ahahaha