I just got to put this down somewhere. I am waiting for the new Horrors. Yesterday's revelation was shocking. I told the boyfriend and a friend that this was what The Strokes should've worked on last year but The Horrors beat them to it. And as I trawl the blogs to get a feel of the general reaction to the new video, I had a feeling that my hunch was right. Yep, the response was favorable. Could it mean a paradigm shift from neo day-glo psychedelic (I can't stand MGMT) to mish mash of shoegazing and krautrock for NME hipsters. I liked the surfer goth punk thing they did with Strange House but I suspect Primary Colours is going to stun me. Already Sea Within A Sea was a shocking teaser. And if krautrock doesn't happen to be all the rage this summer, at least I'll like them anyway.