So I was in the queue at Cotton On. Business must be good when you find yourself always queuing up in their store, no matter what day of the week. And I got stuck standing behind two very happening and very chatty Malay chicks. Think they were in their late teens. Happening because I was compelled to check them out because one of them was wearing a pair of very eye-catching, very shiny patented Nike Air Force One with cotton gray tights. Happening right? Instinctively, my eyes started to roam, doing its habitual clocking in of other persons. Let's face it, I'm stuck in a queue and since I knew I was going to be in it for a while, I might as well entertain myself. Mange top, Buffalo bag, very big classic LV monogram long wallet... hmmm I wonder if your parents are civil servants... they bought pretty safe stuff in safe colors from Cotton On. Seemingly affluent but terribly unadventourous, going by the labels they wear on their backs. And they were discussing about one of their boyfriends, one showing the other a couple picture that was taken at one of those infuriating Jap photo booths. You've guessed it -conversations between these two were inane. But I felt I was the biggest bore in the store. Because prior to checking them out, I was lost in thought thinking about work and how deflated I was. How come I don't get to have inane conversations anymore?