Nick's gonna have my hide. Haven't started on my Hyflux write-up and the thing was suppose to be in his inbox yesterday. But I was feeling utterly lazy. Oritez! Update on that Ron recording thing. Got in touch with Muhd earlier on and he says it's gonb next week aft 5-ish. The place is somewhere around Kenny's, Amber Gardens. Apparently, at some condo ar. So anyone who's living around there is invited to crash the recording.
It works like this: the drummer is going first, then the guitarist and last, the bassist. Individual recording. DF has agreed it's better this way and it's cost effective (one song, 40 bucks). Ape ape lar korang, main thing is I get that CD in hands. I'm not the least worried that Ron might fucked it up for them coz D.I.Y recording is getting to be like bedroom DJs these days. Alot of em out there now.
Can't wait to stream it so I can hook up with the guy from VP. He's cool and he's pretty keen on listening to DF, considering he's the guitarist of an indie band. Networking, baby! Very, very essential. I think the best thing I can do for DF right now is to network with other people as much as possible.
If I'm successful, Da, your band shouldn't have any problem to make it into the 'scene' in the coming years. Hahahaha! Gawd I love being young. Can dream so much, no limits.
Got in touch with Nisa as well. She's coming back in a coupla weeks. Probably in two weeks. Yippee! She's gon be nearer. Considering a trip to KL to see her royal loveliness coz by then I should have sm moolah.