Bought An Annuity, Spend on Fags
This morning when I was walking to the bus stop I was psyching myself not to stick a Reds in my mouth. "I am going to be okay. I won't die if I don't smoke now," I told myself. When I reach the stop, I was doing okay till an old crone (nonya, crone, what-have-yous) came with her maid (an a hot looking one, too. she got bambi eyes, balls). The crone must have been like in her 70s or something. Suspect she's heading for a hospital check-up.
The crone was smoking. Not a normal cigarette but a roll-up. Tell me you guys don't think that rawks? Wah, she damn steady, man, sucking away at her roll-up with her maid looking peacefully on. I was looking on as well in amazement. Am I gonna be like that when I'm old, safely strapped with a life time's income (annuity) and chugging away on roll-ups? Will it come to a point where I'll be sharing my packet of cigarettes with my father?