Foul You Comestic
There's this perfume shop on the 1st floor of the building I'm working at. It's run by a posse of ah lians. Like ah lians ah lians, orite. We're not even tokking about Jap girl wannabes here. Dang! That place literally intoxicates me. There is such a thing as enough perfume, myfriends. They probably use the big ass CK Contradiction to air-freshner-ise the place. The shop's called For You Cosmetic. I never check it out. The smell of the place repels me.
Work Bliss #01= sitting at the Mr Bean and smoking while sipping on half hot half cold soya bean milk. Weight watchers: try taking in some protein why you're waiting for lunch. Read this in my momma's GNC magazine yesterday.
It's been four days of listening to Thickfreakness album and I'm still not tired of it yet. Especially the Set You Free track. Damn dope, balls. Like when you're at a party, looking to get all down and dirty wasted, this is the ultimate track you gotta hear.
About Adik: her situation blows, man. How he gotta act like that?
Problems...let's give it up for problems.
When was the last time some asswipe let me run around like that? Ponder, ponder, ponder...